Confused Wholesaler - Need Your Opinion

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Hi Guys,

I am confused as to what is actually going on here. So I just started as a wholesaler in SoCal. I am targeting by calling out on people who are about to lose their homes. They've either received an NOD or NOS and they're NOT interested in talking to me!

I am using my own money to take over their mortgage (if the deal makes sense), do a loan modification, sale their property as an agent or wholesale it myself.

I am just shocked at the fact that NOBODY out of the 100+ people I've spoke to wants any help. I figured they'd LOVE me to help them out. I thought I'd be their foreclosure angel coming down to save them from this tragedy.

Instead I am met with resistance, rudeness and a bunch of other things.

So........ Since you cannot get people in a much more distressed feeling than losing their property in the next 30 days OR earlier, how is everyone else doing this? Are people just straight up lying about their results?

Please help!


The majority are in denial....I used to pursue them to do a short sale as an agent.  Now they get dozens of letters/calls since they are the most Onvious target for investors.  Typically, they won’t sell until the last minute.  The sun2 is probably not the route to go though.

@Danny Milea cold calling is a numbers game. You won't easily get a deal calling 100 people. When I used to do cold calling to targeted people, I would sometimes get a prospect almost every day and there were times when I made calls and didn't get any deal for a week. Keep calling, at least 250 a day.