Getting into real estate

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Does anyone have any experience as a financial planner that moved into real estate? I am currently studying financial planning and have read some articles that say commercial real estate is a great career for someone with a financial planning background.

Many financial planners prefer liquid funds instantly can make often stellar profit in a few days. RE requires a lot of funds, timing and effort. Most do not have the time and interest to do renovation and flip. That is a FT job. Most FT flippers in our area are quitting because of marginal profit(<10%) taking too long. That being said most own their own home possible a small buy and hold properties.   One of the most famous short investors just own 3 houses. His and two from parents. 

@Mason Goold For financial planning, look to get the CFP designation and work for a company that is fee only.  It is often hard to tell which "financial advisor" jobs are really insurance agents and salespeople... I'd recommend checking out XY Planning Network and NAPFA.

I've always enjoyed real estate and have done construction in the summers when I was younger so getting into real estate has been awesome.  I think being a financial advisor helps me understand the bigger picture and evaluate the long term pros and cons of different investments.

For getting started I highly recommend Scott Trench's book Set for Life.  Follow his formula. The only thing I disagree with him about (somewhat) is the section on retirement accounts. Retirement accounts can be really helpful in reducing taxes over the long term and if you plan ahead you can take the money out for real estate deals without the taxes or penalties.

Let me know if you have any questions or if I could help with anything as you continue your studying!