While driving for dollars I found a very nice piece of land in a desirable area for people to live. This property appears to have been abandoned and needs a lot of work from what I can tell from the street. This sits on 10 acres of land in an area where you don't normally get much land with your property. It also has three large sheds in the back yard that can be used for storage or other needs. I'm having trouble finding out who the owner is and as I drive past this property everyday the grass gets longer and no signs of anyone coming in and out. How to I value a property like this with all the extra land and large structures in the back yard? This house is a 5 br 2 bath that I believe will go for around the $360K area after fixed up. This is based off similar sales in the area. How much value does the land add and the structures in the back yard? Any advice on how to find and contact the owners would be appreciated. Also if you have any ideas on how to value the extra land and storage structures.