Newbie looking for contract help!

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Hey everyone,
I am wondering which contracts most of you use for wholesaling. I want to be sure I have a contract that allows me a 10 day inspection period and 30-45 closing period with minimal to 0 EMD.

I have a few leads for my first wholesale in GA and want to make sure I'm covering all the basics. Also, what is the major difference in contractual language between an off market and on market listing?

I appreciate all information! Thanks

Hey Derek, have you read the GA state contract? you might be able to use that, in south carolina a lot of guys just use the state contract, the downside is that this can be intimidating to sellers as it is probably multiple pages. In SC you set your closing date and earnest money to what ever you want. The other option would be this website here. Their contract is decent: https://www.thewholesalerstool... but i would really familiarize your self with the GA state contract.