Health Insurance Issue

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I'm just joining on the site recently so I'm a bit new and a very happy HELLO to everyone here! It seems like a lot of people on here have had the issue finding affordable healthcare since most of us are 1099 or own our own companies. I've been working with an agent for years and have had great luck going on a policy through him. I see a lot of you are on short term/limited benefit plans or these "Christian health share" policies....that's not real insurance. If anyone needs a real, full coverage health insurance policy, contact me I'll set you up with my agent! Not here to sell anything or offer anything, just want everyone to have some help, if needed! Much more affordable than Obamacare with way better coverage! Gotta stay healthy so we can chug along with work 🙌🏻 Those bills aren't gonna pay themselves.....what does everyone do for work?! My recent switch to real estate from marketing my husbands company hasn't been easy....quite an transition.