I had a thought while listening to BP Podcast the other night.  The guest was talking about Airbnb success and mentioned places that used their back yard for camping Airbnb and some had trailers parked in their driveways that they used as rooms.  Which got me to thinking...most larger college campuses have lots dedicated to RVs from Fri-Sun during football season.  There is a flat fee to reserve that spot for the entire season (I actually did this at Univ of Texas for a few years).  I wondered if I could reserve a spot, buy an RV (or just rent one for the weekend) and rent it out on Airbnb.  Its generally close to the stadium, its a great tailgating atmosphere...not driving after you drink the afternoon away.  Seems like it may work.  and maybe people are doing this every weekend and I just don't know about it.  So, what say you BP Nation?  Do you have any experience with this?  Does it sound like something that could possibly work?  Any thoughts would be much appreciated.  (and, no, I'm not just looking for a reason to talk my wife into letting me buy an RV!) haha