Anybody Looking for Bird Dogging “ Mail Man”

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Looking for someone who’s investing that could mentor me on real estate wholesale. I’m a mail man that’s looking too earn extra money bird dogging. I’m looking for someone I could build a actual relationship with and possibly become partners. I have a list of properties already & ready too get to work! 

That's actually a really good idea. You have a unique advantage as a bird-dogging mailman in that you're being paid to deliver mail and look at properties while delivering. Also, you likely talk to some of your mail recipients = you can get a lot of information on the situation as well (why the property is vacant, etc.).

You should learn everything you can about real estate and go to Meetups as well to network and learn. Just be certain not to share your list until you're comfortable with a potential partner! 

You may also want to consider wholesaling.  That way you can earn money as a wholesaler and use the funds earned to buy the best deals outright for yourself.