Hello again BP comrades,

I'm just getting started and I'm pushing through. I'm a perfectionist and it seems so easy to say, 'Well, I don't have a website so no one will take me seriously.' or 'If I type my Yellow Letter instead of handwriting it no one will think it's genuine.' So my questions to you all are:

1. I know I don't need a website, but how helpful would it be too have one so that I can put a brand on the Yellow Letter or Postcard and include my website address on my mailers so it looks and feels more legit and personal?

2. For those of you willing to give away your secret sauce, is typing a letter and hand signing it almost as good as completely handwriting the whole letter? 

3. Is it as easy as it sounds...LOL? Are there any nuances to I should be aware of like, maybe having a loose script to follow the first time someone calls me and tells me they're interested in what I have to say?

I know people do so much work and then hit a point and give up - NOT ME! I just want to do the best I can without continuing to do a bunch of busy work but never actually taking action. I'm using the BP community as my mentor...hope you're all ok with that? ;-)

Thank you all so much for your advice in advance!