Looking for a real estate attorney in Columbia, South Carolina

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Hello I am new investor. I am looking for a good real estate attorney to close my future deals. I will be doing deals that involve wholesaling, lease option, subject to etc double closings, assignment, etc. I am willing to pay for this information. Thanks for any suggestions. 

@Travis Cooper there are a few good attorneys that work with investors here.  You could come to our meet up on the 19th to talk to them or with other investors that use them.  We could give you a list of them.

I will caution you that these attorneys are really busy and won't likely have time to talk hypothetical situations.  You may want to hold off contacting them until you have a deal or really close to a deal.  Otherwise they may have to charge you for their time.  

Hi Travis -- I know of a couple that I can refer you to. I don't think I can publish their phone numbers here on this forum. You can private message me and I'll be happy to share.