How Do I Get Started Investing in Real Estate?

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I’m 18 years old and live in Rockland County, NY, so this is not a cheap market by any means. I’m currently attending community college full time and work part-time as a delivery driver, so I don’t have much in savings. I’m thinking of attending a local real estate investor group to network and find wholesale deals, but I have not found one yet. Should I start wholesaling? If you live in North NJ/Hudson Valley, comment if you’re know of any groups in my area or know of any deals! Any advice is appreciated!

Absolutely go attend that group every time it meets. Meet people who are successful, learn what they're doing, and learn what their pain points are. Avoid spending a bunch of money on whatever training/guru thing they might be pitching. The goal is to meet others and learn their stories, methods, and pain points.

I can't tell you whether wholesaling is a good idea or not for you, but make sure you understand the process before you start spending money on mailers and such. In any business, whenever you get a warm lead you want to be able to close it.