Best books to real estate investment newbies

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Newbies start from different places on the track.  Some have cash and less than perfect credit.  Some have excellent credit and no cash.  What three books would you recommend to a newbie regardless of where they are on the track?  I'm currently listening to Than Merrill's 'Real Estate Wholesaling Bible' on Audible.  The reviews were excellent.  The book was highly recommended, but I'm not getting what I expected.  I think it may be a good idea to get involved in wholesaling  because I don't have a lot of cash to purchase real estate right now. I've listened to a few BP podcasts with guests that started with real estate.  I've also listened to other podcasts and webinars and I'm still not quite certain what wholesaling is, or how it works.  I thought some investor veterans might chip in to offer some guidance.  Thanks in advance.

One Up On Wall Street by Peter Lynch. I think a fundamental understanding of investing in general is more helpful than most of the actual real estate investing books.