Learning renovation skills

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I’m interested in investing in real estate through the brrrr method and want to do as much of the rehab work myself for the first few properties. Does anybody have any recommendations on where to learn rehab skills? I’m looking for things such as blogs, books, Youtube channels, etc.I know a few basic things such as painting, drywalling, and mudding, but I would like to learn a lot more. Any responses would be much appreciated

There are lots of good channels, but (and this is coming from someone who used to work in construction) the gold standard is Ask This Old House. They don't skip steps like the amateur channels, the production quality is great and everything they do is up to local code.  Also, if you search, say, "how to replace a water heater" and their video comes up, you will see other videos from other channels on the same subject.  After you watch several, you will see different variations and problems that are likely to encounter and can deal with it because you've seen it done a few different ways.  Just my .02

@Chase A.

Black and decker and dewalt have some good encyclopedia type books that go into many of the major jobs that you’ll have to do. You can pick them up at Home Depot.

I started out doing all of my own work and the best way to lean is by doing. As you make mistakes you’ll learn all the tricks.

@Chase A. Doing the bulk of the work yourself is a great way to start if you have the time and patience to do it. It will be invaluable to you once you actually start outsourcing the work because you know what it takes to get a job done.

 I was able to get by with YouTube videos and online literature when I did things this way, but @Derek Carroll 's advice about the books at HD and Lowe's is an excellent one. 

One thing I learned, if there is something you just can't figure out how to do just sub it out so the project moves forward. Being stubborn led to delays in my projects as a look back on things. Best of luck!

There is a lot of Youtube videos and I would either partner, JV, or coinvest with a flipper and see how they do flips so you can learn.

@Chase A. Youtube is a great option like the others said. I like a hands on approach so I would pay a friend or family member to do the work I need done but ask them if i can sit in and learn. Its more acceptable if its a friend/family obviously and they are usually always willing! The downside is is that you actually have to have the work present lol but I learned to do some basic tiling, drywalling, flooring install, and stuff like that by asking people and practicing on my personal residence (: