This is my first post on biggerpockets... the info I asking for I need pretty urgent, I think this is the best place to ask. 

Little Background:
I'm 25 years old, currently working for the Canadian Military. I am in the process of being trained as an Electrician for the military. But I also have the qualifications to become an officer in the military. As an officer I would make a few thousands dollar more than I would make as a NCM (Electrician). However as an officer I would be doing more office/ administrative work, while as NCM (Electrician) I would be learning electrical skills enough to be a journey man in 3 years, and also will be able to pick up other skills such as basic plumbing and construction. 

Ultimately my goal is to build a wealth and retire (hopefully early) via real estate. I would like my primary strategy to be BRRR.

My question is does being a electrician/ an a overall handy person offer any substantial benefit when you start out real estate investing journey? 

I was thinking it would offer some benefit in the rehab portion of the BRRR strategy, but again I as I've never invested before i don't know. That's why I am asking the veterans.

Is being a electrician/ an a overall handy person does it give me any benefit in real estate investing when you will be starting with not a large amount of capital? Or is it better to just hire contractors at all levels of ones real estate journey? 

Thank you in advance.