Humble Brag, Now I'm a Realtor?

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I never would have thought that Rich Dad Poor Dad would have changed my life so significantly. 

3 weeks after finishing the book in 2 days: Became a BP Pro, learned to analyze deals (took Brandon's advice and did 100), bought an amazing duplex.

6 weeks after: Started school to become a Realtor. Found multiple mentors who needed someone with time and a great work ethic

8 weeks after: Officially blessed through the state to be a Realtor, got my first closing lined up and am working to change the lives of others through real estate investing. 

I just wanted to share my happiness and tell you guys that if you're struggling, just keep pushing forward. Learn more. Read more. Work more. A master has failed more times than the beginner has tried. And I always will feel like a beginner. Have a great week!

nice work, glad to see some one with some drive kicking some tails.  Good work, now keep it up and finds some more deals.