Fake It Till You Make It

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Any other newbies out there who feel like they are totally faking it at the beginning? 

I found a property on realtor.com and decided to dip my toes in the water by putting in an offer that was far below asking price, but fit the financial criteria for wholesaling. The property has also been on the site for 160 days.

I really didn't/don't plan on anything coming of it, but I did it so I could feel what it felt like to take the step.

Now I have a couple calls coming in, but I feel like the words coming out of my mouth are completely fake, and that I have little to no idea what I am talking about. 

Does anyone else feel like that? Or did you when you first started?

Hi Chelsea,

Congrats on taking some action. If you're trying wholesale and a realtor is involved, most likely it isn't going to go anywhere. I'm not a wholesaler, but from my perspective, wholesaling seems like one of the most difficult ways to start in the game. Like most endeavors, the more you do the more comfortable you will become. Along with that will be the sound of confidence. Good luck.


@Clint Shelley The confidence is definitely the part I am working on the most. I've never been in a position where I needed to market or network in order to succeed. For me, that is something I have difficulty with. So I'm working on attending events in my area to become more comfortable. Even if I don't talk to anyone, just being in the atmosphere, I feel, will eventually help me to speak up and make some friends, network, and find partners for future endeavors.

@Chelsea Broersma

Taking real action is not “faking it”. It’s real. Kudos to you for taking steps to get in the game and get things done.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and we’re all newbies at first. As long as you’re not falsely representing yourself or claiming to know something or be someone you’re not, then keep moving forward. You’re absolutely correct that you will learn and gain experience and confidence by immersion, so keep going to meetings, connecting, being in BiggerPockets, etc.

It can also be very helpful to connect with a coach or mentor to help you. Building relationships help with this. Having experienced people on your team who you know are there with you definitely gives you more confidence that you’re real and not faking it.