Scam or Real Deal?

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I did as I was told and went in search of new sources to begin with, me and my mentor Alfredo went to see his current agent whose name is Joe Aires working from or for Keller Williams-Beverly Hills Realty.

he is on the 28th floor/us bank tower in LA. quite impressive.

his plan? well get massive number of buyers to buy houses from him not one or two but 6 or 8 and after that he comes back and rents the houses after depositing a 25,000 incentive in your pocket for just renting the house he just sold to you.

8x4 = 200,000

he insisted that he had already made a lot of money out of pure marketing and also out of renting, because the renting and the marketing companies were the same?

well up to now everything is fine right? oh no no no, look at this, all you have to do is let him check your credit and apparently according to the form I sneaked out of there sign a form which will allow them to get a loan under your name? that's what me and my dad read from the form.

because when we were at the tower everything was overwhelming as in I did have the form on my hand but it was hard to read with him talking and shouting how much money he made, then I decided to fold the form and show it to my relatives to see what they thought of it.

in the end he said that all he was selling was a very nice property with a nice rent agreement and a bonus of $25,000 attached to it which really sounded good but when I insisted we needed more paperwork to make up our minds he said that he was not sure whether or not he was going to be able to make it with me.

amazing they knew I manage my parents business and yet they had the tenacity to just hand me a form which would allow them to ask for a loan under my name and still believed I was going to sign just because of the 25,000.

so you tell me what this really is, I have not signed anything NOTHING and don't plan on doing so, still I thought it was a good idea to let everyone know what we encountered searching through Alfredo's network.

A looooong time ago I learned that anyone who has any "sure-fire, can't miss, guaranteed to make you rich" program is looking to make himself rich (in small doses) off of little guys like me!

If his system is that good, WHY WOULD HE LET ME IN ON IT?

Back about 25 years ago there was a very popular book titled "Winning Through Intimidation" (Bob Ringer IIRC). Every body I ever talked to who READ it said they learned a ton of information about how NOT TO BE INTIMIDATED.

Everyone I ever talked to who HAD NOT read it said something along the lines of; "I don't want to learn how to intimdate other people".

Sounds like even if you never read the book you took one of the lessons to heart.

Keep that form in your pocket to remind you of the time you almost got scammed! Anytime anyone else offers you a "S-F, CM, GTMYR" program, just read that form and remember today!

all cash

yes indeed, almost is quite right still though I would like to know how exactly he planned to legally get away with this, I mean he has many many buyers by now and one of them was Alfredo until I came in and took that form and showed it to my relatives.

can anyone explain to me how is this possible ? as in how can one make advantage of a plan like that ?

I spoke very seriously with Alfredo and he is dropping out of it because he was in charge of bringing more people to join Joe's proposition.

now Alfredo and me have spoken about instead of investing this way we will go to different states such as Dallas TX actually and buy a townhome and rent it for a year or two, after that either refinance or sell it depending on how the market is doing.

this I think is a much realistic approach.
what do you guys think?