Newbie but close to starting

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Hello all... for the better part of this year i have been reading, researching, listening to podcasts, on BP, basically anything i can do to get ready to jump into real estate investing. I believe my focal points will be buy & hold and BRRRR. Just starting to research on getting my team together. I have googled a few & have a few on social media, I'm looking for more suggestions to look into and hopefully make a strong team and where better to go than BP. Looking for Hard Money Lenders (remember I'm brand new...please dont kill me in fees...LOL) Contractors, Property Managment Company, inspectors. Anything else or if I'm forgetting something please help... Thank You In Advance

When you make the jump into the game you'll start building a core team. You may need an agent, lenders, contractors, and more. Finding reliable contractors is a big hurdle for me currently. Some of them are great and some don't even return calls. You can plan stuff out and have it all change the very next day. I'll tell you from experience that things happen fast once you start cutting checks! 

Don't sweat the details until you know the neighborhood, find a good deal, and get your hands dirty.