AirBnB Reno cable/tv/internet Pre-wiring

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Doing a renovation on a duplex that I'll be using for AirBnB.   Currently down to the studs and want to add fiber wire if needed now rather than later.   I want the AirBnB guests to at least have wifi and I'll have Netflix setup etc.     Would you wire for cable etc?   Isn't everything wireless now?   Where would I go to find more info on this?    Do you think the AirBnB guests would want local channels?   Thanks!

Hi @Darren Finan . If you do it yourself or if it's fairly cheap, you can just wire the coaxial cable from the rooms that will expect to have a tv. It's fairly easy to do it when you're down to studs anyways. Just wire it towards where the cable will enter the house and put it all into a small structured media enclosure.