The Core Four - Who's your lender?

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The other day I was thinking about David's Green article, the Core Four of a Real Estate Investment Team

This had me thinking about adding new partnerships and becoming a more valuable member to an investor's team. So I ask, what are some of your favorite benefits and/or dislikes of your current or past lender.  Please feel free to redact or include information at your leisure.  

My goal with this post is to allow new investors to learn from other experienced investor's about pros/cons of their lender's partnership.

Hi @Martin Pacheco ! This question alone means you are more than likely a valuable lending partner! Thinking how you can add value to what a real estate investor does the first step in serving your customer, just like in any industry. Enhancing your customer experience is key. Proactively looking at what types of information and needs an investor has or questions they could ask you and having solutions and ideas ready to provide will be invaluable. Example: An investor asks what types of programs you have available. You immediately flip them a 1 pager or web link that brings them to a page that answers their questions clearly and succinctly.  Proactively understanding where the investor is at and then being ready to offer solutions or recommendations to where they can find the solution.  I had this recently when I reached out to a lender here on BP, @Jerry Padilla, who wasn't able to provide the solution through his company, but recommended someone else that could assist. That willingness to add value even without it benefiting you (maybe he would get a refferal fee, I don't know), but that willingness to offer value is a true partner.