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I have a great deal in Indianapolis and have built a great team of people. Run the numbers and done all my homework. Everything is in line except the money. I've talked to 14 different lenders all who won't lend to me because it's my first deal. Talked to family and friends, still no credibility, so still no money. What do you suggest next? Just need the down and closing costs. 

@Melissa Owen Are you talking conventional lending or hard money? I might know a few local to Indianapolis either way. 

I would just be careful on the hard money side.  Interest, points, and hidden fees can be high.  There are even a few HMLs in Indy that I've heard are going under.

Purchase price: 75,700

Repair Costs: 53k

ARV: 170k

It's mostly because it's my first deal and it's not in close proximity. I'm in Arizona and the property is in Indianapolis. Lenders don't seem to care that the team I have built is legit! 

@Melissa Owen Hi Melissa, I just closed my first deal funded with hard money and I have zero experience before this. I was also able to get preapproved with conventional lenders without issue. What exactly are you looking for? Are you sure you’re looking in the right place? PM me and I can help out, maybe even point you to some good lenders.

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Forgot to mention that I am also an out of state investor that invests in Indy.