Deal in Missoula, MT Can I get opinions?

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I have been speaking with a home owner and am thisclose to getting a contract signed.

I would like opinions because I still don't know of any true flippers in the area I could sell to. And want to make sure this is a good deal, although I believe it is, I just want to make sure I can sell the contract as the seller needs this closed as soon as possible.

ARV now is $230k

4 acres with 2 dwellings, one needs a lot of work because it has been gutted (someone had started to fix it up but stopped)

With what I can get the contract for, I can offer it for $180k

I know different markets use a different formula (like the 70% rule) 

I don't think I could turn around and advertise on Zillow or Craigslist, because they already advertised there.

How would I go about trying to market this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

I know it's much later now but I'm interested in how this deal worked out for you. I'm also in Missoula and since I'm just getting started, I want to know how to market a property in a situation much like the one you were in here.