What is the best way to start flipping ?

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The best place is the area where you are most familiar with and ideally very close by. The most important thing is to form a team (agent, lawyer, lender, crew) and to know the market well enough so that you know what a good deal is. So that the day you find a house that is undervalued enough to flip, you can put in an offer. You only need to know 3 numbers: Purchase price, rehab costs, and ARV. I always spend at least 150k in rehab costs on my flips (I have done over 100). This may sound high, but if you do it correctly and include all the numbers (holding costs, taxes, interest), that is standard. So if you find a house for 300k, you spend 150k on rehab, the sales price (called ARV) would need to be 600k. The closing costs and commission add up to 50k and the profit margin I aim for is 100k. I aim for 100k because you need cushion for cost overages, surprises, market fluctuations, timing, etc. I also train people how to flip houses, so feel free to reach out.