The three books that made me win big in life and real estate

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I found Rich Dad Poor Dad mixed in a bag of books dumped at the library steps. I thought to myself " I am a poor dad that wants to be rich". So I took that book and read it which told me to ask "rich" people how they did it. At the time the richest guy I new was regional manager for Aflac. He put me on to Dale Carnegie "How To Win Friends and Influence People". I read that book, took the course, and became a coach of the class. That book/course taught me how to handle people, the importance of others, and how to become just the best version of myself. By learning the tools and tact that you gain from the Carnegie course I made so much extra money at my 9-5 that all of a sudden I was winning with money so much that I had to find retirement investments which lead me to Bigger Pockets where someone on the podcast recommended, Chris Voss, "Never Split the Difference". Which after reading I resurrected a dead RE deal and negotiated a return that was comparable to winning the lottery.

I started my journey 8 years ago dead broke. $40,000 in credit card debt, over $100,000 mortgage, car payments, no money, and no hope. Today my net worth is $650,000. My mortgage is paid off. I just bought a brand new truck and paid cash. I have no debt. Cash in hand, the bank, and under my mattress. One paid for in full duplex and another one that is on schedule to be paid off in three more years.

How I got here:

#1) Rich Dad Poor Dad

#2) How to Win Friends and Influence People

#3) Never Split the Difference

Reading and "doing" what they say to do in these books has me winning financially in every endeavor I enter especially RE. I can say that these three books are the core of my success that has lead me to here. Last year I started a fund to help people pay for the Dale Carnegie Course. That is how much I believe in it. 

Thanks for sharing your story.  I've read all three as well and am currently working on my first investment as a joint venture.  I'm at a similarish starting point, starting to network locally as well and meet the right people to help me move forward.  I think it good to see other people's stories.  Seems like you really got a lot out of the Carnegie course.   Did you take the 'Dale Carnegie Course' or one of the other ones offered by them?

@Brian Beck yes I took the DC Course. Then I went back and coached it up until now. I also took the Chris Voss course. If you are ready to go I would definitely encourage you to do the DC Course. If you do the benefit will be endless. Warren Buffet has repeatedly said that he attributes all his success and wealth to the DC Course. Of course so to many others...