REI and Affordable Housing in Loudoun, VA

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Top of the Morning, BP! I have three objectives in this post:

1. Share who I am and why I am in RE

2. Share where I live and where I want to focus

3. Open the floor for advice, tips, and other investors who have found success in my area

I. Me

I am a real estate agent in northern Virginia. I grew up in Kenya, my family immigrating to Virginia in 2001.

My wife and I have served orphans for the past two years in Eswatini, Africa, prior to beginning my career in real estate.

My passion is twofold and combined into one large vision: to create affordable housing AND financial education for low income and immigrant families. From my heritage and my work experience, these are two sides of community development that I aim to address as an investor.

II. Market Focus

I will begin my investor career in Loudoun County, VA, then fund and build housing in Kenya and Eswatini through a nonprofit called Abide Well.

I grew up in LoCo after immigrating here, which is serene but not very helpful in real estate terms. I’m brand-spankin’ new to real estate (both sales and investing), so I’m a blank slate and currently building my knowledge.

I’m currently learning the wholesaling strategy through an investor’s network here in NoVA.


Northern Virginia (NoVA) is a tough market in general, and very overpriced (sales increasing +8% YoY 2018-2019). Thats one side of reality that makes starting up and finding deal #1 a challenge. I’m in eastern LoCo but have a suspicion there are fairer pastures more west of me.

Any advice/tips on starting and sustaining a wholesaling focus?

Advice/tips on wholesaling/investing in Loudoun County?


I’m passionate about real estate and believe it can open incredible doors of opportunity for me, my family, and the people I want to serve, and would be honored to serve other investors in the area as I grow my business.


What's up Muoki, wonderful vision, my wife is originally from Liberia and we share similar goals. Let's link up.