Canadian Real Estate investor advice

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Hello BiggerPockets members, 

I recently stumbled across BiggerPockets and the idea of Real Estate investing. I am brand new to this world ad appreciate anyone taking the time to respond to this post. 

I am just wondering if there are any key differences I should be aware of between American Real Estate investing vs. Canadian, or if there are any resources that could help answer this.

I am sure much of the content is transferable to the Canadian market but I want to make sure I am aware of any nuances the Canadian market may have.

Thank you.

Hi @Jon Thomas Ling .

I would say basic principles are the same, but there are differences in legislation that may require different approaches. 

As @Hai Loc says. Make use of the search tool here and you'll find lots of threads and many hours of interesting reading to get you started. 

Are you interested in investing in the US or Canada?

Thanks for the responses.

I plan to start investing in my home province of PEI (small market, I know) to get my feet wet and learn the process. If all goes well I would like to invest in the bigger markets in Canada.