What do you guys do w/ the rental income?

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Medium 1399657811 avatar futureprospects Matt M.
Orchard Park, NY
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Matt M.

from Orchard Park, New York

Feb 15 '13, 06:06 AM

Great replies in here so far guys, appreciate it. Thanks for the ideas.

Medium 1448323470 avatar harveymasons Chris Masons
Investor from Union, NJ
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Chris Masons

Investor from Union, New Jersey

Feb 15 '13, 08:20 AM

First and foremost I pay all mortgages, taxes and insurance and then any repairs and or maintenance that may be needed next.

I then take what is left and split it in half, investing half in the stock market (usually dollar cost averaging into some mutual funds and stocks I like, and the other half goes towards cash reserves for capital expenditures and or savings for another investment.

I like to invest a fair part of my rental income into the stock market to diversify and hold hard assets as well as securities that pay dividends to create additional passive income.

I am very disciplined have have stuck to this system for about 8 years now andf have created a decent amount of passive income via dicidend paying invesstments as well.


Matt M.

from Orchard Park, New York

Feb 15 '13, 08:26 AM

Chris... love it. Thats a fantastic system that you have down....

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