Meeting with my real estate lawer today

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Marvin Cuffee

from Suffolk, Virginia

Feb 18 '13, 08:20 AM

Morning BP Fam

Meeting with my RE lawyer today any questions u can think of I should ask would be helpful

This is our first meeting

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Ned Carey Moderator

Investor from Baltimore, Maryland

Feb 18 '13, 08:36 AM

It's good you are trying to be prepared but it's hard to help if we don't know what type of attorney or why you are meeting.

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Marvin Cuffee

from Suffolk, Virginia

Feb 18 '13, 09:13 AM

Trying to start by doing wholesale deals and meeting with an attorney to draw up contract that I can assign that he's familiar with.
So was asking is there any other questions that you think I need to ask that u would ask a real estate attorney on your first meeting .Thanks Ned

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