AC Inspection - Need Input for Heat Pump

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Hi! Anyone have experience with replacing or getting a 30 year old heat pump serviced?

I just went under contract with a property and went through inspection. Only thing that came up is that my AC/HeatPump unit is older and will eventually need to be replaced. This was a second home that was rarely used...AC works well but can be a little stronger in my opinion. Replacing AC will drive up my costs by 4k.....Should I bother trying to service this or should I leave as is? This is in Phoenix, AZ so AC is important. 

@Sabrina Guler

I have a couple 4-plex’s in Phoenix, most ACs are older, 3 are over 30 years old. I had the same thoughts when I bought them. 

Property manager has a good AC guy, so we decided to service vs replace.

Been about 2 years now, 2 of the 3 units going strong with small annual tune up. 3d one is almost 40 years old, finally gave out. That one needed tune up every 6 months. 

PM is super responsive to tenants, no major complaints. Overall I’ve been happy with minimizing costs this way.

If you haven’t already, I would pay to have them inspected by an HVAC guy/gal you trust and get their opinion.

@Sabrina Guler , I manage several properties in the Valley with older HVAC units, they do require more maintenance and one you get a major freon leak you may as well replace. You mentioned that their may be something wrong with the heat pump? I do agree with @Terry Zannella that having a PM and or a great HVAC guy in your pocket is a huge benefit in Phoenix and especially if you have older units. Because they will stop working and your tenants will need speedy service.

On a heat pump that old, we just have them changed out if they need any sort of significant repair. I spent $600 fixing one last summer and last month had to have it changed out. Wish I had put the $600 toward the $4300 the new unit cost.

Once you get the results of the HVAC inspection, you can always try to negotiate an abatement of the purchase price. Seller probably won't want to cover the whole cost, but if they would knock a little off the purchase price, you've got a healthy start pn replacing the whole thing (which makes the most sense, especially if you'll have tenants in the property). 

@Sabrina Guler you can expect to get 15-20 years out of properly installed and maintained HVAC equipment, so 30 years is definitely end of life and not worth putting any money into.

I make my living as an HVAC contractor, and while I don’t know your market (I’m in Orange County, ca), I’d be happy to review any bids you get to replace to let you know if you’re being treated fairly.

I would run it until a major part needs replaced. Just remember keep that filter replaced every other month, you need to take that responsibility yourself, because the tenant will not? Keeping the filters clean will be the difference between replacing it this summer or in 5 yrs. Best of luck.