Required notice for MTM tenant in Berwyn, IL

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I'm purchasing a 3-flat in Berwyn soon, with all three units occupied on month-to-month leases. I plan on living in one of the units and I know I need to give the tenant a 30 day notice to move out. Just wondering if I can request they leave in middle of the lease and I return prorated rent, or if I have to wait until the lease is over.

Hypothetically if I closed today and their lease ends on the 31st of July, can I request they leave by July 16th? Or do I have the wait until the lease ends? 


@Phil Kagebein congrats on getting a property under contract! You should check with your real estate attorney for more specific advice, but you have to honor the terms of the lease. In addition, your MTM tenants have to be given 30 day notices according to the law. You should tread lightly here as eviction courts are not open yet in Cook County, and tenants are still often times in a tough spot. Hopefully you are inheriting performing tenants. The good news is, Berwyn is a great spot to own rental properties!