Buy first home or rental property

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I live in a small town, the rents here average about 700-850 a month. I'm currently renting from my uncle and my rent is 450 but my brother also lives in the house so I really only have to pay 250 for rent. I plan to eventually buy the house but I was wondering. Since my rent is so cheap should I buy an rental property first or buy the house I'm in and build up equity and eventually get a HELOC or cash out refi?

@William Rorer there’s no right or wrong answer. With $250/mo rent, I would keep renting it as long as possible and save up!!

I would also figure out what the timeframe might be for buying the house. If it's 3-5 years, then you can work through any other investments and schedule them to have some money for down payment, closing costs, etc at that time.