Anyone begin their real estate journey in their late 40s?

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@Mark Albini we have a couple of properties in Evansville and like to buy more you're not estate investor I'd like to talk to you about not only finding properties but also local banks that will deal with out-of-state investors. We have ones in Northern Indiana but not in your area

@Patrick Froehlich I started investing in real estate when I was about 48yrs old, after a divorce. I am now 64 yrs old. I retired early from my pharmaceutical sales job at age 59yrs. And now I manage my 55 single family homes. I have not been looking to expand my holdings much in recent years either. Just managing what I have now is enough work for me.

Somewhere along the way I stopped borrowing bank money and began using only my own money. I know my trajectory could have been much faster if I had continued using OPM. But I wanted cashflow for my later years, and wanted to avoid debt. I currently own about 35 homes outright, with no mortgage. And I will have many more paid off in a few years.

To be clear, I bought very low end homes, as cheap as I could, and fixed them up. For the most part, this has been a good strategy.

But I am now “improving” my portfolio by selling some )I lease option them and sometimes a tenant/buyer will buy me out). I always use a 1031 Exchange. And I am buying better homes now in better neighborhoods. I look for a first time home buyer type home that is a 3/2/2 in a decent, family area. They don’t cash flow as well as the cheaper ones. But I am experimenting to see if they will turnover less frequently and, thusly result in about the same cashflow over the long run.

So I would certainly encourage you to start investing, at any age. Just remember, it’s not all about getting more doors. It’s about accomplishing the lifestyle you want, with as few or as many as are needed.

@Patrick Froehlich


I will be 48 next month and started just a couple of years ago. I am sooo glad I did!!

It's honestly never too late. Just take the reigns and go. It's just as scary and exciting now as it would have been 10 years ago or 20 years ago. I find my life experience impacts me in a very positive way on this REI journey.

I understand.  When I was 45 and got laid off I was ready to scream "age discrimination".  Ridiculous of course.  At 70 our real estate adventure is just beginning.  We have added about 75K to our net worth in 3 years.  Expecting to add significantly to our net worth as we move forward.  It's NEVER too late.  BiggerPockets has been a valuable resource for us.

@Patrick Froehlich this is such a great question and as many of the other contributors have mentioned there are so many strengths you have as someone in your 40’s.

Most people I have worked with and myself included, started with buying 1 house in their first year and then either a second or third house in there second year.

It’s the 3rd and 4th years that’s the business really picks up and you can start leveraging your experience, equity and your established real estate connections to start scaling your business to attain financial freedom.

If you are willing to dedicate 5 years to this business and have patience while trusting the process and taking action you can retire within 3-5 years in most cases and if you choose to be less active you could still retire within 5-10 years which at 40 years old is still going to give you the opportunity to retire at 45-50 years old and get off that salary treadmill that so many people are saved to.

Great job on asking such an important question!

Cheers to your success!

This is a great thread.  Just turned 40 and am starting this new journey.  I'm also worried that I'm starting too late, with too little money to work with, and that there is too much competition.  I'm looking to invest out of state with about 30K to work with.  The out of state investing book is in the mail and I'm researching different markets.  

Because I'm investing out of state, I'm looking for homes that are more or less turnkey.  I don't have any illusions about taking on an out of state rehab!

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We worked with the city to allowed 9 parking spaces 

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