Organizing A Portfolio

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I’m saving up right now to buy my first property. I was wondering, as time goes on (and hopefully) my portfolio grows, I’m wondering how to more experienced investors organize tens and/or hundreds of properties. Please help me out!

People and systems. Some big fish investors start their own property management companies, while others use 3rd party property managers. You'll use CPAs to manage your books and taxes, you'll have built relationships with people (brokers, realtors, wholesalers) who bring you deals to evaluate, you'll have capital partners and lenders. You can start building many of these relationships now! The main goal is to make steady progress, every day.

It's a whole other business to own 300 units vs 2. It's not an easy thing to do, but it's also not worth worrying about too much right now. When you have tens of properties, spend a LOT of time around people who have hundreds of properties. Learn from what they do. Then when you get hundreds, upgrade your network to people who have thousands of doors. That is, assuming you want to continue to add units.