Long Distance Real Estate Investing - 10xing my Income

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Hey guys, I don't post on here as much as I should to network but have been lurking and consuming throughout the years! Haha

Quick back story: I grew up in Saint Louis, MO. I moved out to California to pursue real estate and didn't really know anyone. Slowly but surely and bouncing around from jobs, I ended up picking up a security job and studied over night.

I attempted several business ideas, a nutritional supplement company, day trading, etc. All Failed horrible and bank rupted me. 

Eventually I quit Security that and went for real estate full time while ubering in between client meetings and follow ups. 

I got into Real Estate Investing by listening to a ton of the podcasts 

My biggest advantage currently is that I'm a single guy with no kids and extremely low living expenses so I can afford to live on 20-30K per year and invest the rest of the 70-90K per year.

I ended up raising over 1M and am projected to do over 200K in net profit this year and will be 400K+ next year!

Of course that could change dramatically or go horriblly wrong as well! Haha

I'll post my Youtube video down below - Its my full story, and I will absolutely be posting my day to day, how I've raised the money, a bunch of other things. I want to upload 3x per week for the next 2 years. I want to create something where it's a real entrepreneur that's going for something a bit risky, no lambos, jets, or any of that mastermind crap that you see everywhere else. 

Just real deals and risks and real life situations. I hired an editor to attempt to make it as entertaining as possible as well.

Would love if you guys joined my journey!