Looking for mentors/networking, Huntsville, AL

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Returning from contracting over seas early 2021 and want to invest extra cash into real estate market in the greater Huntsville area. I plan on starting an LLC and would like to have 1-3 properties by the end of 2021 depending on what deals are available.

I’m currently educating myself on bigger pockets as well as a commercial real estate class (small scale for now).

My goal right now is to network and meet the right people to learn from and also work with when u start to purchase real estate.

I’m open to opportunities to invest my capital if the situation is right for it.

Thanks in advance!


Do a quick google search for a local REIA or REI club, also check in meetup. If you cant find a local to help you, then connect with me and I can mentor you through almost anything. I have students all over the country.