Who are your mentors ?

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    I have often heard that the people that you surround yourself with can have a major impact on your behavior, thoughts, and actions.  I have heard this time and time again from many people that i personally consider mentors (including my mom lol).  So i thought to myself ....why not ? why not surround try to yourself with people that you look up to ? So I did...I have messaged and tried to connect with people who i look up to as much as possible and in a way it has worked ! I encourage everyone to do the same.  If you have goals and aspirations to continue to do so and try to connect with people who you look up to.  This for me has had such a great impact on my life so far... even in the small conversations that i have had with the people that i look up to.  People struggle in so many ways and you never really know what a comment or suggestion on instagram or facebook can have.  I guess the next step is to try and provide some type of value to those people.  Many of us are starting out and have so many questions .....more questions than answers  lol  but in my heart i still know its about what we can bring to the table ...no matter how small.  So i would like to suggest a few things today for you...If you have not heard of my good friend Jim Rohn....Jim Rohn got me through some of my hardest times of my life.  People like Brandon Turner, David Greene and many people on the podcasts.  I would say....keep your head up....keep trying don't give up ! also episode 14 on the BP podcast ( listen to this one trust me). I would really appreciate it if people would write down peoples names who have had a major impact on their lives and people who you look up to ! 

love Jim Rohn.. but my Dad is number one..  and had a few mentors along the way..  

as it relates to BP folks its a very narrow niche there is far more to business then just buy rentals or BRRR