Lending Cash to Get Involved in Real Estate Investing

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Currently, I have around 50k to use for investing. I am contributing to a TSP (currently in the Marines) and want to start investing in real estate. I am not mechanically inclined whatsoever. I would like to learn more about rehabs and costs associated but feel that if I just dive into this not knowing those basics I will lose cash. I was wondering if I invest in someone else making a flip and learn through that process, would that be a better idea? Is 50k even that much for someone looking to borrow? Are there better ways to get involved in real estate without actually doing a deal yourself? I am looking to deploy next year and don't want to get into something that I cannot be hands-on with. Also becoming an agent doesn't make sense for me right now because I could change duty stations after this deployment. I feel like I read a lot and watch tons of videos and the one thing I keep hearing is "you need to pull the trigger and get involved".

@Drake Imholte a lot of investors (myself included) would love $50K private investors. The key is to set it up properly, so your money is secured by real estate. That said, depending on the property you might not be in first position. Talk to an attorney for specifics about being a lender.