Home Owner who wants to it into a rental property.

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Hello All. Total newbie. Would like some direction. Within the next 6 months I would like to turn current property into rental. Looking for tips and things to look for...

General info about how to find someone to manage the property, where might I find a templet of leasing contract for tenants...etc. Currently reading Brandon Turner’s book. Inspiring and realistic goal setting seems to be the way. Just looking for a bit of insight

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@Eric L Christian I did what you are looking to do and turned my first home into a rental property after moving into another, earlier this year. I decided to self-manage to learn as much as I could about screening, selecting, and managing tenants while having a vested interest in the outcome. Understanding what a PM does should also help me hire an effective one when the time comes. Brandon's books are a great resource. Also check out your city/county's landlord-tenant page, and join local investor networks.