Validating Syndication Investment Post Close

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I am invested in a few multi-family syndications. Pre-screened Sponsor, etc., but how do you actually validate a property was purchased and your investment in "legit" post close? Is there a way to run lien search on the property, or other ways to verify ownership, etc.?

You could reach out to the tax assessor and see if ownership has been transferred to the holding LLC. The holding LLC's name should be in the syndication docs. If it's not then ask the sponsor. But it definitely should be in there.

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@Taylor L Thank you for your reply. Holding Co name is in the docs and I will be checking with the tax assessor. Thanks again!

 You bet. From my observation many areas do not update their online records more than once a month or so, so if you don't find the holding company's name online right away don't panic.