How to start Flipping houses? Where can we sell the house?

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As a real estate agent, it kills me to say this but many for sale by owner have had good luck with Zillow. That said, a good realtor worth their salt should be able to sell your home for more than you would make off of selling it yourself, paying for the 6% commission. You wouldn’t have the hassle of staging, photographing or most importantly showing the home yourself. Many people do not consider the amount of time that showing a home takes up. Not to mention the negotiation & paperwork to follow. Food for thought.

I would suggest that you leave in the hands of a realtor. It is a lot of work to stage and market the house. You need a realtor to get it in front of the person that wants to buy it. Especially if the house is not in a densely populated area. I think paying the commission is worth its weight in gold. The longer the house sits on the market, the more money you can potentially lose, but a realtor can navigate quickly. 

Flipping like a wholesaler or rehabbing and reselling?

They are different animals, but both start by finding a property that has value-add potential.  In my mind, a wholesale needs more meat on the bone because the wholesaler usually takes a huge chunk of profit AND has to leave some for the rehabber.

People find deals in a huge number of ways. Distressed (behind on mortgage), probate, prospecting neighborhoods, calling vacant homeowners, calling for rent signs, bandit signs, ads (Facebook, Google PPC, bus benches, etc. . . ) networking, on the MLS, etc. . .

Prospecting or marketing to homeowners / sellers is the one thing that all the ways have in common.