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My name is Ben Harrietha. I am a new investor looking to get my start in student rentals in the Spokane area and I'm looking for people to connect with who are in the region. 

A little about me: I lived in Spokane and Spokane Valley from 2013-2016 while I attended WSU to become a Pharmacist. Now, I live with my wife in our first home in Olympia as a Pharmacy Manager. We decided on Spokane because we loved the area, have several good relationships with people there, and want to invest with students of the school I attended. 

As far as my experience goes. I have been pouring over investing education since April of last year. I've read 9 real estate books, 7 mindset books, listened to over 100 biggerpockets podcasts, and too many youtube videos to count, so I'm locked in. 

The pandemic has taught me that I don't want to be stuck in a W2 job that keeps me away from my family for the best years of my life, and real estate is the no brainer to get me to the freedom that we strive form. 

My goals include purchasing 3 homes under market value in mild distress this year, within a 15 min drive of the University District, renting them to students (preferably pharmacy) then reevaluating next year to a new attainable goal. My W2 job is well paid and my wife and I budget well to save quiet a bit every month, as well as we both have credit above 790.

Any tips or advice, please feel free to drop below for other investors in the area to utilize as well


Hey Ben! Sounds like you're on the right track and doing all the right things. I'm happy to introduce to any one I can. I know some great contractors that work specifically with investors and are finding off market properties. Would love to connect if you're in the area or we can set up a call. 

Happy Hunting!

@Ben Harrietha

Hey Ben,

I have similar ambitions as yourself, and am targeting the Spokane market as well. I don't have any properties in the area as of yet but was born and raised in Spokane. If you have any questions about the area or are in need of some contacts feel free to PM me I would be happy to help!