I am interested in house hacking after I graduate from college, and I would like to make use of the house hacking strategy to begin my REI journey and reduce my cost of living. I have seen a lot of talk about the 3.5% FHA owner-occupied loan as being a great option for this (as well as the 203k which I was also looking into for reno), but I was wondering what my best options would be after I have lived in the first property for one year. It is my understanding that you cannot have more than one FHA at a time unless there is some type of outside circumstances (I would be assuming none of these) or you were to refinance to conventional, but I do not see myself having enough equity after the first year to do this. Are there any other low down payment options available for me to pursue for my second/third house hack in the future? I was interested in pursuing small multifamily properties for all of my house hacks, and I would like to have the turnaround be as quick as possible (moving out of the first property right after it has been one year and move into the next). I would love to acquire a fourplex at some point, as that is the largest residential multifamily I could acquire, but I have seen some talk about some lenders having different options for 4-units (but please correct me if I'm wrong, I have seen many different things online).

Thank you in advance for your help!