House Hacking Newbie in Richmond, VA

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Hey All, My Name is Desi! I came across the Bigger Pockets podcast a few months ago and have loved the idea of house hacking and having someone pay my mortgage for me as I live for free. I currently reside in Richmond VA and am trying to better understand the best way to house hack in the area and connect with people that have done so in Richmond VA. I have been looking into multi-family (Churchill area), but some need quite the renovations and I'm not sure if I know enough about renovation loans and finding General contractors to tackle the task, if you have suggestions for a "newb" please let me know.

I am also wondering how the zoning works in Richmond I have found many City websites, but they are a bit hard to understand as far as R-5, R-6, and R-7 classified homes and what I can actually do to the home. I see that some single family homes that pop up on the MLS have converted studios in the backyard, but I'm not sure if I would be able to run plumbing to something like that to possibly convert to an "airbnb" situation.

I've already contacted a real estate agent, started the process of looking on the MLS, and even preapproved for a loan, but I'd like to connect with more people in the area that are or have previously dealt with house hacking in Richmond VA area.

If you have experience with renovations, house hacking in Richmond VA and zoning/permits, please let me know I would love to hear your experience and learn more!