Medical Student Looking to Get Started in REI

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Hi BP community! 

I am new to BP, and my name is Robert Burns! I will be attending medical school in the fall. I've been doing a LOT of reading and practice deal analysis. I hope to invest in a small multi-family as a house hack for my first property.... but I'm running into a problem.... 

My biggest questions, as a medical student I won't be employed and I won't have a salary for another four years. I have a decent savings for now, but I'm having trouble finding a lender who will consider lending to me under these circumstances. Any advice or recommendations? 

If their are any other med students/physicians here I'd love to hear how you started in REI!

Hey Robert, 

You're a wise young man to start early in real estate and invest your future high salary into income-producing assets!

The only two options I'm aware of are getting a co-signor or using commercial debt where they don't care about your income, but rather the income from the property. 

Best of luck man!