NEWBIE INVESTOR moving to Nebraska!

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I will be new to Nebraska this summer. I am looking to join any networking groups/teams for real estate investors to gain more knowledge and learn the market. I am coming from Florida so it will be a bit of a transition but I am excited. I am in the market to buy my first single or multifamily triplex investment property and have already prequalified. As a new newbie, I'm not sure if I should buy a single or multifamily triplex investment property. I know multifamilies are great to get into I'm just nervous as a newbie. I have been doing a lot of research and I really want to invest just not sure which route. 

Welcome to BP and good luck in Nebraska!

I'm far from an expert and still learning myself, but it sounds like you're in the perfect situation to buy something multi-family and offset your living expenses with extra 1-3 rental units.  In retrospect, I wish more and more that I had bought something multi-unit as my first property.