Commercial Real Estate in Long Island NY

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Hi New York BP community! Is it worth investing in Long Island retail/office for cash flow? Running the calculators, most of the properties I looked at show I won't make back my initial cash investment until year 10, primarily because of the high NY prices (I would be getting a mortgage on the property).
My investing goal is to maximize cash flow through retail or small office spaces, but it seems counter productive to put out a bunch of cash up front that I'm not making back for a decade. Wondering if anyone has been investing in Long Island successfully who may be able to provide some much needed clarity. Or, should I be looking outside the area to start my investment journey?

Hi Fred

The NYC area is a tough market to begin with, but the uncertainties of commercial space after Covid make it much more difficult.  Personally, I am not bullish on LI commercial space at the moment.  A lot of retail transactions have moved online, and a lot of LI jobs are the type that can be done from home.  I’m not saying that people don’t want to get back in their offices, but I think there will be some shrinkage of this space.

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