First Property Inspection

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I had an inspection on my first potential rental property yesterday and discovered that there is 6 inches of standing water in the entire crawlspace. There was a sump pump, but obviously it was not working. I know that I have a couple of options, back away from the offer or request seller to drain water so that my inspector can go back to inspect crawlspace and possibly even hire a wet basement specialist to come take a look and see how the water is getting into the crawlspace. I am more concerned about how water is getting in there as this is not an issue that I want to continue to deal with for my first property. Also, would I have to pay for the specialist or could I ask the seller? There are a couple other repairs necessary that I would want to ask for quite a bit of concessions on. Any advice on whether I should back out now and take the loss of inspection or even bother with continuing to negotiate? Obviously, I have learned a valuable lesson to look into the crawlspace during walkthroughs when I can...

Hi @Stephen Jenkins , I'm sorry you're having this issue!

The good news here is that it is a real issue and the seller is going to have a hard time ignoring it, since its' a problem that can escalate into some not-nice things if left untended.

If it were me I'd ask for an extended inspection period contingent on the seller having the crawlspace dried out. If they aren't up for that they they can pay for the specialist.