Hello BP! Long story short I am looking for an investor(s) in my area to work with to gain experience. I'm fairly new to Maryland (Cecil & Harford County) and am reaching out to try and network with good people. I have about a 10 years of experience in the security analysis (cyber and stocks---what a combo) and want to diversify into real estate. I have been reading for several months and have attended a couple of webinars. I have built up a very small RE knowledge base using BP books, the library, and the only two people I know that own more than their primary residence. It's not enough. I am still building a cash position. My plan is to flip until I can get enough capital together of my own to execute the BRRRR strategy on SF/MF rentals while likely continuing to flip (or whatever seems best once I get there). I have some previous construction experience which includes roughly 7 years of field experience on the exterior work of residential homes and an antiquated degree in Construction Management. Is there anyone out there looking to take someone under wing or even partner with to really show them the ropes in my area?