New Investor in PA - Boyertown, Pottstown, Lehigh Valley

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I'm looking to make my first purchase this year and am currently living just outside of Boyertown, PA.  My price range is < 200K and my goal is to find something with positive cashflow within a 30 minute radius of my home.  I can do basic improvements like painting, flooring, etc, but am not looking homes that need serious rehab.  

I wanted to see if anyone from the area (or surrounding areas) has any experience they would share or recommendations on what to look for nearby. Also is anyone aware of any local REI meetups or groups that are taking place online these days?


@Kipp Wolff

Hey there! I have a couple deals in the pipeline that fit your criteria. Send me a DM.

Also feel free to join Lehigh Valley Chapter Multifamily and More on FB for a local meet up!