Hello, I am new to this community and very excited to start BRRRR!

My house is paid off, its worth about $220k. And I am about to pay off my last small debt this week.

I spoke to the lender at a federal credit union; and in order to take out 80% of my equity, it looks like she needs to see that I made about 60k income on my last year's tax file (2020). Fortunately, I haven't filed yet. At present it looks like I may be able only able to claim $6,500 for income last year (most my money was made under the table because I am a server at a restaurant). I fear this $6,500 for 2020 claim will prevent me from taking out an equity loan even tho I my credit score is around 800. I could claim more when I file, but my tax agent says I may provoke a tax audit :( 

I do believe I claimed about 20k back in 2019.. I hope this is gonna help? What should I do?