Is college worth it?

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I am a full time college freshman and just got my real estate license 2 months ago. Just 2 days ago I joined the team of one of the top 250 real estate agents in the US so I definitely see a busy future ahead of me. Low key, college is starting to feel a tiny bit like a scam because of all the required courses I need to take that have nothing to do with my major (currently marketing) and costs a crap ton of money. I don't really see myself being a college student for the next 4 years either. Obviously right now I don't want to continue college because I would much rather focus 100% on real estate, though I am scared I will regret it in the future even though I am pretty sure I can be successful without a degree. So my question is, is 4 more years of not focusing 100% on real estate worth it for a degree? If so, what should I major in? Eventually I want to be a real estate investor and flip houses so I am definitely interested in something like construction but I feel like it is better to have on-the-job experience rather than spend 4 years getting a construction management degree, especially since I want my own company. What other majors would teach me what Chip and Joanna from Fixer Upper do? Thanks in advance for the advice.

If it makes you feel ant better I dropped out of college for similar reasons. I didn't know why I was going and had no passion for it. I became an electrician because I wanted something hands on. So I thought. But things changed yet again I became complacent and wanted to be in a position where I could achieve more. So i did the only sensible thing. I got my license and joined KW and started living in a trailer. Now I lived with my fiancée for this time and I am lucky to have someone that can deal with my level of crazy. At this point I worked part time at both. Witch sucks. Then we moved for a job opportunity for my fiancee she really wanted. I had no idea what I was going to do so I just hit the phone and started digging. And sure enough I found a position working for a real estate team that could pay me more for doing busy work instead of relying on a commission. Now I'm able to pursue real estate full time and on course to buy my first househack by the end of this year! What your asking is hard to answer we all have our own road to travel. But I guess what I'm trying to say is F*ck it, follow your dreams and worry about the rest later.